About Me

Nowadays, there are so many DJs and music producers from the Netherlands who have emerged on the electronic scene within a short time. Without a doubt, one of these up-and-coming artists is Martin Wild. Like many young artists, he started making his first songs at the age of 15. Curiously enough, he ventured into Rap, but years later, he took a Deep and Tech House direction.

The last months have been very successful with the highlight of having more than 80k+ monthly (!) streams on Spotify. One of my latest releases called ‘Superstar‘ was recently added by Spotify to their own official ‘Deephouse Delight’ Playlist and their Basement playlist. (Other releases have been added to coffee club, for example) The wide audience that is supporting my music are hooked with the feel-good melodies and dark/chilled-out vibes. 

My Spotify: